TreeGuardians™ Charm Tree Necklace

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One necklace One tree. 🌳

This brilliant tree of life necklace was inspired by the different elements of nature that life provides us. In supportive efforts to combat climate change and help wildlife that were affected by the Australian bushfires, these necklaces will fund organizations such as the AMERICAN FORESTS 

This necklace is the bridge to a sustainable planet. The key to the riches of a healthy life. Trees are a great natural filter for not only delivering oxygen, but also for removing the pollutants out of the air. Allowing people to breathe clean air, while also providing shade to keep everyone cool. 

Planting Trees is one time investment, for a lifetime of returns. 

Due to overwhelming demand, your order may take 7-15 business days to be delivered. Our team is working around the hour to craft, process, and ship out new bracelets. Your tree will be planted on schedule. 💚🌲