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It’s absolutely appalling how quickly a marsupial could enter endangered territory. The Australian Bushfires reigned down chaos on to Australia this year, destroying millions of acres of land, possibly more than the amount that the Amazon lost. Millions of animals and trees were incinerated from the fires. One species of animals that were significantly devastated by these fires were Koalas.

Lewis The Koala was one of those Koalas, who became trapped in the blaze. Smoke filled the air for miles on end, while the fire burned warm beneath. As the Koala searches for safety near a fiery tree, Lewis cries out in pain, searching for help. 

Luckily a caring grandmother named Tori Dorethy heroically rescues Lewis from his predicament. From the burns he sustained, Lewis whimpered in pain from the burns he sustained. Hearing the cries of the poor Koala was truly heartbreaking. 

It is lucky that Lewis was rescued from a complete stranger who just happened to be at the right place, at the right time. What’s sad is that all of the other Koalas, unfortunately, did not have the same luck as Lewis did. They were caught in the blaze with no escape. And even if they did escape, they still lost their homes and families. 

There are approximately 50,000 Koalas left, compared to the 300,000 in 2016, leaving these Koalas to be considered endangered. Not only were Koalas affected by these tragedies, but so many other animals such as kangaroos, ostriches, or tree kangaroos. The road to restoration is going to be a long journey, for there are many homes needed to be rebuilt. Find out how you can help restore the land that was lost from these catastrophes. 

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